merging technology
with creativity


Any project begins with a meeting. Once we have an idea of what you want done we can start to form ideas on the best way to capture and edit your video. After we've visualized the look of your final product, we share our vision with you and try to give you a sense of the types of shots we'll capture and the look we'll create. A project proposal provides a way for us to give you a physical copy of our plans, and once this document is approved, we schedule a time (or multiple times) for the shoot. Full HD video cameras, high quality sound equipment, appropriate lighting, and an eye for good frame composition all allow us to capture professional media to work with in the editing room. This footage is then edited on the latest versions of Adobe's software - from basic editing and sound mixing, to special effects work and color grading - until we're happy with the end result; we're our own biggest critics, so if we're happy, you will be too.


As a business, engaging your potential customers with video is one of the best ways to capture their attention and make a good first impression. Whether you need a cinematic commercial for your brand, a product feature, or a way to show off your space, our video services give you the tools to increase the perceived value of your company and market what you have to offer.
The combination of visuals and audio provided by a video is the closest thing you can get to reliving life's most important memories. Capturing these memories and editing them into beautiful films is one of the most fulfilling things we do. Choosing us for your event means you'll be getting a well-planned, cinematic piece to enjoy for years to come, on a budget that might surprise you.
Sometimes, when trying to show off a space, photos just can't quite do it justice. A virtual tour (and not the boring slideshow kind) is the best way to show the layout of a great space. By using a counterbalanced Steadicam system to film a super smooth "floating-camera" walkthrough of a space, we're able to make potential customers/buyers feel like they're really there.