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Originally a way to combine several creative interests into one entity, Sommertime Creative was created in 2014 by Evan Sommer as a small business based in Columbus, Ohio. In the short amount of time since our beginning, we've had the privilege of exercising our talents in web development, videography, photography, and graphic design, to provide unique, professional, cost-effective creative services to other businesses looking for branding and promotional materials, as well as individuals looking to capture life's important moments.

It all starts when we meet with our customers to truly understand what they hope to accomplish with our services. With this knowledge, we're able to create a customized plan of action to achieve these goals at a fair price. For businesses we're able to use a combination of all of our services to help with promotion through various channels of media, and create effective branding that presents customers with a modern, coherent, unified public image. For individuals, we understand the desire to capture life's most important moments and share them with those around you. With a combination of all of our services, we aim to accomplish this and deliver a final product you're proud to share.

Creative work is supposed to be enjoyable, and we take this to heart. Because we truly enjoy the process of creating our final products, we're able to have fun putting our all into accomplishing your goals at a lower price point than most people expect. And as much as we love our computers and cameras, we love the opportunity to interact with people and develop relationships even more. This allows us to not only work for , but also with , our customers to bring what was once a goal into existence. If you heard about us through someone else, there's a reason, and we look forward to providing our creative services to you in the future. In the end, we're sure you'll be another one of our satisfied customers.


You contact us about what you need done, when, and what you hope to accomplish with our services
We contact you with a project proposal and quote to share our plans with you and make sure our vision lines up with yours
After completing all pre, and post-production work, we deliver your final product, you love the results, or we keep refining our work until you do
With your vision in mind, we brainstorm and create a plan for developing a valuable final product that accomplishes your goals
You approve the project proposal and then we put our services into action, keeping your involved throughout the process to ensure your vision is realized
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In such a creative field, it's hard to provide a single rate for each type of service, as each project has different demands and challenges. As stated throughout our site, we like to provide quality, unique products, no two of which will be identical. Because of this, putting a value on your project before we understand what it will require doesn't make much sense. Our customers aren't locked into paying inflexible package prices. We consider each project seperately, so after you tell us what you want from our services, we customize a plan that will deliver exactly that, along with a quote at better-than-competitive prices.


We're just as excited as you to get started, so if you've seen our work and already know about us , email or call us to discuss what you need done. Let's get your project going!